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A weekend in Apulia following: the five exhibitions you cannot miss

A special route from Lecce to Andria, discovering 5 of most interesting exhibitions of this season. A special weekend idea tracking art

     From Paris to Apulia: what we do suggest you this week is a journey  on the marks of Art far away from the most popular and crowded itineraries, with no long queues as the ones outside the ticket office of the most popular National and International Museums, for the search of a Museum all “made in Apulia”.

    A journey that reaches double goals: on one hand it allows you to rediscover a land that is not just sea, sun and tasty food and on the other one to discover how Art, even in very difficult and fearing times, could be vital for the life of each of us. As Art is anyway a great experience or opportunity to think about, to compare ourselves and other people, to take a distance from the actual world or to wear magnifying glasses in order to understand it deeper.

     As Apulia is not just sea, sunny beaches, small enchanting “borghi”(villages) and authentic wealthy food but also a place where you can attend important and unknown exhibitions as well, each of them pure jewels to be discovered: our itinerary passes through landscapes, country and coast roads that link our deepest Southern heart, Lecce, to the heart of Murgia area, Andria. An about 250 km. long path, to be covered Southward to Northward or Northard to Southward, always searching ancient Art towns, tasty food and exhibitions one cannot lose. Let discover together what they are.


Mario Schifano and Pop Art in Italy

Lecce’s Charles V Castle – until 23rd October 2017


mario schifano lecce mostra in puglia



     There were the Sixties and in Italy, and overseas as well, very complicated considerations were made about some ideas, so loved by Pop Art: myth, mass society, the new dimension of the metropolitan city, the exchange between different artistic genres and languages. It is just around these themes that the work by four Masters of Contemporary Art develops: Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Tano Testa e Giosetta Fioroni.  The Group was later on named “Scuola di Piazza del Popolo” (People Square School), that succeeded into spreading all over the world of Art those motifs and objects coming from the common imaginary, the history of Art and our own lives.

What to visit: Its Historical Centre. It would be a crime not to enjoy the beauty that Lecce historical centre exhales starting from the Dome of Saint Cross, The Roman Amphitheatre up to its ancient Entrance Doors or simply lose yourselves among the hundreds narrow lanes and winding tiny roads.



Monopoli’s historical centre – until 29th October 2017


phest festival fotografia monopoli mostra in puglia



     Please, do not expect the usual exhibition. A real treasure hunt throughout its historical centre: among walls overlooking the sea, prestigious mansions and ancient Churches. You will discover 12 photography exhibitions, themes and Mediterranean Authors. Present at the exhibition: Osborne, Azadeh Akhlaghi, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Eddy van Wessel,  Joana Choumali,  Luca Locatelli, Emile Ducke, Miia Autio, Michal SiarekJean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni e César Dezfuli.

What to visit: The Cathedral, Palazzo Palmieri, the Purgatory church, its port and the old town. In particular, get leisure and enjoy the crystal waters of sea lapping townies and “masserie” spread over the rural areas.


Man Ray: the infinity man

Conversano’s Castle – until 30th October 2017


man ray conversano mostra in puglia


     Man Ray was not just a painter, a printing and engraving expert, a visual poet and even a cinematographer. He mainly was an experimental searcher, techniques innovator, among the most relevant Dadaistic and Surrealist avant-guard representatives, even though he never completely recognized himself in it. Conversano’s Castle hosts a selection of almost 150 works among photos, drawings and water colours, engraved works and some objects. It goes back to the author’s first works and carries on through the versatile and experimental research made by the American Artist.

What to visit: after visiting the Castle, get the Cathedral and the Sanctuary of Saint Rita that will leave you breathless for the amazing difference between internal and external spaces. Once again, the best way to discover the town is getting lost in it, enjoying its streets and routes.


Frida Kahlo at Azul home

Civic Museum Bari – up to 15th January 2018


frida kahlo


The Frida Kahlo world portrayed by Leo Matiz: for the first time, the original photos of this Colombian photographer, caricaturist, journalist, painter and gallerist arrive in the Southern. The many black & white portraits are shown in the Civic Museum of Bari from 27th October 2017 to 15th January 2018. They allow us to better know the Mexican painter, her home where live with loved man Diego Rivera.
In the same museum, you can visit also the “Macondo mito e realtà” exhibition on the terrace. There are 60 amazing pictures by Leo Matiz, about his original country, well described and made famous by “Cent’anni di Solitudine” (=”One Hundred Years of Solitude”), the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

What to visit: the Saint Nicola Church, one of the most important and suggestive place of worship in Italy. In the crypt there are the mortal remains of St. Nicola, loved by both Catholics and Orthodoxies. Moreover, do not miss to visit the Norman-Swabian castle and the historical town.


Nino Longobardi, “Appearences

Andria’s  Mount Castle – until 30th October 2017


Nino Longobardi mostra in Puglia


Nino Longobardi’s sculpture talks together with us within the mysterious spaces of Castel del Monte (Mount Castle) as far as the Archeological Museum held in Sinesi’s Palace at Canosa di Puglia with the exhibition named “Appearences”. Twenty works of Art set in the empty rooms of a site UNESCO heritage, tell us about metamorphosis, death, special limits overcoming, such as the human cast found just in the middle of the castle’s octagonal courtyard of the most Fredrick II legendary Castle. It calls up Pisa’s monk, Fibonacci, his studies on numbers and maths’ sequences.

What to visit: enjoy a gourmet stop at Museo del Confetto (= Museum of Comfits) of Giovanni Mucci family, in its original Mucci farm site. Then get the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. After visiting the architectural beauties of the old town, be charmed by the amazing Apulian countryside, its wheat fields and ancient “tratturi” (= typically sheep tracks)


gaelle paris Ai 2017 donna moda mostre puglia

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