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A world in a bag. Four bags, four women

borsa donna furla

For women, a bag is the land of “just in case” and “it might come in handy”. It is a large prairie full of good intentions, hopes, and projects.

Paola Jacobbi

It is the object of desire of every woman. The most popular accessory owned by every single woman. A status symbol for some of them (take a look at Tod’s, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo) and a touch of personality to an easy outfit for the others.

A bag is a loyal companion who looks after a whole universe made of forgotten essential things: keys to open unknown doors and beauty case so full of make up to rival Gucci Westman equipment during the New York Fashion Week.

A Billy Connolly famous quote says, “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it; there is always something at the bottom to surprise you!

Thinking about four it-bag, we have tried to imagine who wears them and we have profiled four types of women with different styles, different works, and different lives.


Selma by Michael Kors 

 Business Woman


borsa donna michael kors


What does a determined, self-confident and globetrotter woman need? A typical business woman would absolutely love a big, all-day bag suitable for carrying her whole world by her side. Maybe an anonymous workbag could be ok. Not at all. She needs a big size, executive bag spreading her femininity; she needs an iconic Selma by Michael Kors. This It-bag has a classic, easy-to wear design and it is made of Saffiano leather, a high quality material. Even if this satchel offers a structured shape, it has a sweet and romantic allure thanks to the trapezoidal ends, which give harmony and balance to this tote bag. Selma seems to remember to each woman how important is to be so similar to man in order to show her power and suggest a successful feminine comeback which is more gentle and empathic.


Linda by Furla

The Hopeless Romantic


borsa donna furla


Saffiano leather and rolled handles are only two of the peculiarity of Linda, the it-bag designed by Furla. This shopper could be carried by hand, over the shoulder and as a cross body bag. Its minimal, classy and chic design makes this bag perfect for a woman who is not afraid of showing her sweet femininity, who wears a nude lipstick to make her own smile shine, who does not go out with messy hair, who does not fear pastel colours, like pink. However, do not let her fool you. She is not naïve. Behind her doe eyes, there is a strong, brave woman who shows her gentle side but who can also show her teeth if necessary.


Chiara Ferragni backpack



zaino donna chiara ferragni


Imagine a young girl wearing a pair of ripped jeans, an oversize pullover and a flirting backpack. She rides on her bike all through the city hoping not to miss the semiology class. She keeps some dreams in her pocket and in the backpack, there are an IPod playing loud the last hit, some coins for the coffee break with her friends and her favourite book to read on the University stairs. For this girl, her backpack is a loyal companion to carry around from morning to night. It talks about her way of being: outgoing like the flirting detail but deep like velvet. Chiara Ferragni has imagined all this energy and she has worked out to put it in her iconic backpack.


Furla clutch bag

The fashion victim


borsa donna furla


Metropolis Mini Doodle designed by Furla does not go unnoticed. A little ladybug shaped clutch with glitter elements on. The woman who chooses to wear this it-bag is self-confident and loves to be looked by people. A dark mascara and a red lipstick are her best friends; she reads Vogue and follows Anna Dello Russo on social media. She is a proper fashion victim who spends lots of time on Instagram and Snapchat. However, she does not forget her real friends and she knows how to brighten their lives.

We have tried to create connections between bags and women but we were just messing. Sometimes we have been too common, we know, and we apologize for that. While writing this article we have realized that the female world is too wide, too complex and too unpredictable to be kept in one single bag.

So, better use many bags as possible.


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