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  • Dsquared2: its 25 years old history made of blue denim, and not only!

Dsquared2: its 25 years old history made of blue denim, and not only!

Jeans Dsquared2 uomo

The usual image associated with jeans inn Fifties, especially starting from times where pin-up women were on American magazines, was originally feminine and sensual. There was an important change in Sixties, when new generations adopted jeans as modern symbol against bourgeois respectability. During Eighties and punk time, jeans became democratic, unconventional against classic fashion system, rebel: all young people dressed t-shirt and jeans. Then, Nineties: the trendy icon was vintage denim model, with used effects, to pair with over squared shirts. Finally, the new Millenium definitely fixes the globalization of jeans (and of the skinny model) in the world, in all sectors. 

Men and women, movie stars and young university students, business men and workers: all people dress jeans. They are unisex, unique, equal and don’t make differences of genre and social class. Jeans are universal.

On the other hand, this universal item can tell your personal story: you can treat them with special washing, coloring, you can modify them in order to better represent your style. This is the case of Caten twins: Dean and Dan, born in Toronto in 1964, united also by the same passion for fashion. After many working experiences in Italy, they met Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s founder, that become the first important investor of the first Caten’s project focusing on denim. 

So, “DSquared2” brand was born in 1994. The brand name revokes “D” of Dean and Dan, twins perhaps. It is a special mix of Canadian creativity and Italian tailoring art. Their challenge was to change denim – usually known as a popular cloth – in a luxury fashion item. In over 20 years of work, they’ve never stopped, experimenting always new cuts, designs, combinations, washings and colors.

Now, focus on the Spring Summer 18 collection: it is rebellious, effrontery, uniqueness. We imagine the Dsquared2 bad boy in this way: shaggy hair, intent on packaging its colorful backpack for holidays with jeans, floral shirts and t-shirts.

So, we suggest you the following three jeans that better express the Dean and Dan’s summery mood.


Lettering and slogan


jeans dsquared2 

It is the millennial’s claim. Dsquared2 perfectly knows it, resuming this trend very famous from ’70 to ’90: patches on vintage jeans, regular fit.


All-over messages


Jeans Dsquared2_

This stretch denim with used effects are the new “canvas” where you can note short messages and smart pop images. Medium waist, closure with zip and buttons, regular fit. It is a perfect “twist” of Italian tailoring, British style and Canadians creativity.


Falling droplets of painting


Dsquared2 jeans

Falling droplets of painting on this model of stretch jeans: regular fit, used washing. It is a clear icon of Dsquared2 DNA. On back, there is a removable foulard: a rock touch that completes the mood.


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