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Holding out against temporary trends, Hogan Maxi H222 is the renewed object of desire


They have made a long way through years and style; they are definitely the perfect shoes. They are Hogan.

Modernity. Style. Quality. Elegance. Minimalism. These are the main keywords to talk about Hogan shoes: the brand of the Tod’s group is the quintessence of Italian savoir-faire thanks to its superior design and rigorous attention in choosing materials. Nowadays, everybody talks about athleisure, activewear, luxury sportswear but the mastermind behind these new concepts is Hogan. In fact, this world was born thirty years ago with the creation of the brand that today is ready to renew itself to give a new gateway to the whole Hogan style. Millions of people have made long way with these shoes on. For the first time – and especially thanks to the iconic Interactive model – a pair of sneakers has succeeded in combining casual style and informal elegance. Hogan has transformed looks, renewed trends debunking one of the most popular clichés in fashion, according to which elegance and comfort cannot live together. From work to social events, Hogan satisfies and understands the needs and the desires of all women, reinventing himself continuously.


Hogan Maxi H222


sneakers_hogan_maxi_h222_111107_1 - Copia


Alive and Kicking, as the famous Simple Minds song says. This is the fitting definition to describe the Hogan positive and vibrant attitude and its way of being trendy but future oriented. The new sneakers’ collection launched in 2016 demonstrates so: the Maxi H222 is designed for the young, dynamic woman who loves height and comfort. These performances are guaranteed by a showy, large wedge – maxi but ultra-light – with a stunning impact certainly inspired by street style.

Glamorous and super feminine, the Maxi H222 by Hogan are available in classic black and white, but also in brighter colours like cherry red. Silver or gold patent leather inserts, the velvety feel of the suede, the sparkle of glitters and the iconic padded H on the side are the icing on the cake.



Hogan Capsule


However, this season’s main trend is definitely the Capsule Collection in which shoes lose their iconic H to give space to ton sur ton side stitching. This switch was strongly desired by the general brand manager Sergio Azzolari, to highlight how Hogan is the symbol of a “Daily luxury for people who wants to be cool effortless“.

In this Capsule, everything is inspired by mountains: the sheepskin inserts on the back of the shoes, the wool padding on the inside, the eyelets and the contrasting strings bring to mind the hiking boots. And that is not all. This collection offers models of every heights – from boot to classic low boot – every colours – mustard, white, black and gold – and exclusive materialsleather and suede. The result is a shoe, which is perfect for freezing winter days, for trips out of town, or just to glam up the city look. This collection is the shining example of how the line between sporty and city sneakers is becoming thinner and thinner.




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