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How pairing and folding the pocket square? Our stylish suggestions


Original and dandy. Mr. Martino is in Massa Uomo Boutique’ team for over ten years. He loves details: eclectic socks, unmissable pocket squares, scarves and jewelry, accessories.

He is the perfect fashion assistant for asking suggests and advices about one of the most important men’s accessory: the pocket square.

The pocket square is timeless, a special detail that the sophisticated man appreciates too, for add a stylish touch to his look.

We’ve asked Martino when and where he suggests to wear it, also for daily look…

He says that the pocket square, even though a stylish accessory, can be paired with nonchalance with any jacket, also replacing the tie. Moreover, he adds that an easy pocket square can express different purposes: formal moderation, relaxing creativity…

Its meaning and style changes according its folding.

So, read and see our tutorial: Martino explains you, step by step, three different ways to fold the pocket square. One for any personality or event.


Triangle fold

Choose the triangle fold for more sophisticated and formal total look. In this case, fold the square diagonally getting a triangle. Then, bend a bottom corner toward the center and repeat the step with the other corner. Put square in your pocket, leaving only the corner on the top out. Martino suggests this kind of fold with silk pocket square.


Square fold 

It is called also “presidential” and is the most elegant and classic one. Fold the pocket square in half, from left to right, and then fold it again in half from bottom to the top. Leave a rim of 1 cm. This kind of fold is perfect using a cotton pocket square, better if white or lightly colored.


pochette uomo


Puff fold

It’s surely the most informal and casual fold. Unfold the pocket square onto a flat surface and hold it in the middle, with your index finger and thumb. Put it into the pocket getting a nice puff with nonchalance. The pocket square so should be colorful and fluffy!

Last stylish advices: 

  • You may pair the pocket square with tie… or not. It is enough that they are some colors in common.
  • If you are dressing a tie in solid color, pair a patterned pocket square. On the contrary, if you dress a striped tie, the pocket square should be in solid color, one of them present on the tie.
  • If you have little time and think to be wrong, choose a white pocket square: “less is more”!
  • In winter wear pocket squares in cotton, silk or cashmere. In summer dress linen and cotton ones.


Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square

Tagliatore pocket square


  • Marco

    04/09/2018 at 8:13 am

    A me piace molto abbinare la pochette con i calzini: colore con colore, neutro con neutro, senza esagerare e valorizzando l’abito.

    • Lifestyle Magazine

      04/09/2018 at 9:26 am

      Abbinare la pochette con le calze è un’ulteriore conferma di stile. Questo vale soprattutto quando, in outfit formali dai colori neutri, si scelgono calze colorate in contrasto: indossare un fazzoletto da taschino dello stesso colore rafforza il tocco creativo. Il principio da seguire, in generale, è quello di mantenere un’armonia tra gli accessori e di scegliere gli abbinamenti con personalità. Le regole classiche del bon ton, del resto, sono fatte per essere osservate o infrante… con stile!


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