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Traveler, cosmopolitan, dreamer and anyway mostly tied to her homeland.

Sophie Blanche is in any woman who loves beauty taste and incomparable refinement typical of Parisian tailoring atmospheres.

Sophie Blanche loves all that evokes “made in Italy”, a rich concept including the excellent handcrafting values and the extreme passion for details. She loves the essence of beauty, anywhere. So, not only design but also details, fabrics, connotations of elements and particulars. She has a view on the world, on its stylish contaminations without losing sight her origins and her country. She is fully aware that any culture brings some main aesthetic features telling about origins and moods.

The Sophie Blanche collections tell their stories like a logbook, stylized chronicles of a journey getting around main cities in the world, of course starting from Italy, each one with a story to tell. Many steps, many bags, one for each one.

Versione Fuxia della shopper Sophie Blanche Itria

The Spring/Summer 2016 is a tribute to “Belpaese”, original homeland of that “made in Italy” concept that carries a bigger knowhow than the easy country of origin indication. Patient processing, careful to details as usual in the old workshops of craftsmen, contemporary design to satisfy all women that are both trendy and loving of handcrafting tradition.

Cosmopolitan, dreamer and totally made in Italy

The Sophie Blanche’s journey begins in Puglia with Itria, refined shopping bag shown in two colors. Leather produced with saffiano inserts, its style opens up the entire collection placing as top model. Wide and versatile, the golden detail outlines the minimal design refinement. Itria, the same name of the nice Valley, natural chest in Puglia where overlook typical small townies, noted as “white cities”.


Dettaglio Charm della borsa Sophie Blanche versione Fuxia

This bag so aesthetically essential encloses many particulars. Three practical internal compartments –one of them with zip and pockets- and the two side buttons, making simpler the opening, are the invisible details that embellish it. The charm with fringes gives to the essential structure a dynamic touch, a creative flair.

Itria is a tribute to “made in Puglia” production. The journey starts here. Which will be the next step?


Location: Masseria Madonna dell’Arco (Martina Franca – Puglia)