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It’s Barber Time: the new form of male aesthetics


Hipsters did not invent anything new. Since ‘800, long sideburns and moustache distinguished the British gentlemen’s style, such as George Brummel, one of the most famous dandy, known for his outfits of dark men-suit and unconventional jacket. The barber’s art has featured the entire XIX century: moustache, beards, sideburns were typical and cared.

Then, in the ‘900, wars and inventions such as the razors by Kimp Camp Gilette, perhaps more easy and secure to use, mark the end of beards, giving way to smooth faces, like Cary Grant and Elvis Presley, great rock stars.

Nowadays, the evolution of style passes through any form of identity customization. It means living the barber experience like a wellness experience. The barber shop is not easily a location where to shave, but becomes a place where doing it and in the meanwhile listening good relaxing music and tasting –why not- a special tea or cocktail, while your expert barber is taking care of your beard. It’s a global wellness experience.

There is a renewed taste about taking care of moustache and beard. There is the return of ancient rituals that many considered lost. It’s not a fast action, it requires precision and time to dedicate. The shave and beard’s treatment are a very special philosophy in some barber shops, to enjoy with natural products and in relaxing condition. Any step is important and not only in order to have a good aesthetic final result.



the barber time



Clean and brush the beard before using soap, in order to remove any residue.


This is the step for giving shape to beard, defining outlines, extension and length, using shaving cream and foam, brushes and razor. Cheekbones, the form of lips and the oval of face are essential elements to define which should be the perfect form for modelling the beard. It’s not only a matter of personality, but also of symmetries and balances. Entrust to an expert for choosing the beard’s form perfect for you.


it's barber timeDetox, shaving & shampoo

It’s important spray skin with a specific detox product, that hydrates and relieves the redness after shaving. It allows a better shaving of neck and cheekbones and prepares for shampoo, the final cleaning step.

“Warm towel”

This is surely the most relaxing moment. A warm towel on face is useful to remove any residue of soap and balsam after cleaning. At the same time, that few minutes of laying, will make you very relaxed: the bad thoughts go away like the steam. Enjoy this moment!


There are many schools of thought, all valid until the contrary will be proved. In particular, if the beard is long, it is important drying it with brush and hairdryer, also to get a perfect final form.

If the barber shop is a moment that you sometimes enjoy, which should do every day? Experts suggest to shaving in the morning after waking up, because skin is still soft and relaxed.

You must have: shaving cream for neck and cheekbones, shampoo for daily washing, emollient oil and hydrating cream. Use the oil every day, also several times a day. It’s important your mental aptitude: the shaving is a relax moment that can include also a touch of creativity. It could get few minutes, but the secret is: enjoy it with free mind!


Thanks to Forte 17 Hair’s SPA

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