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Morph, Acqua di Parma and Eleventy. Three fragrances for men

Profumo uomo Morph


Marcel Proust said, “The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us”. Isn’t that true? Only smells could provoke such a storm of emotions remembering moments, places and people.

We recognize natural scents more instinctively, because they follow us all life long.  Maybe this strong connection with feelings is the reason why choosing a fragrance, for others or for us, is so hard. It is an important choice, because an essence could reveal a lot of the person who wears it.

We have chosen three fragrances for men by three fragrances’ artists to let you experience a sensory journey through these scents.


Acqua di Parma

The undisputed style icon in the world of luxury perfume was born about 100 years ago in the heart of Emilia Romagna. In a small perfumer’s laboratory, they have created a new way of conceiving scents: natural odors have given birth to a new fragrance, expressing the typical “made in Italy” discrete luxury. This is how Acqua di Parma has seen the light.

The brand has managed not just to survive but to live throughout the years: the success of the first Colonia, a timeless fragrance with a long standing tradition, led to the launch of a wide range of products, like the new Colonia Pura, a tribute to the savoir vivre of the well-travelled man who does not forget his roots. This perfume releases its Italian soul thanks to citrus notes bringing to mind the sun of Italy. Other iconic fragrances are: Colonia Leather in which the energetic citrus notes are balanced by the sophisticated scent of leather, which evokes the ancient Tuscan tanneries; Colonia Club with its characteristic citrus top notes combined with neroli, mint, and galbanol in the heart that reveals an innovative freshness; Colonia Ambra in which Colonia is blended with deep notes of Ambergris and Colonia Quercia, a masculine, intense and persistent fragrance in which the notes of Colonia blend with the deep notes of oakmoss.





acqua-di-parma-profumo uomo


Like in a journey, Acqua di Parma explores the Mediterranean See through its unique scents. Citron, juniper, bergamot and orange have the leading role in the Blu Mediterraneo Collection. They drive us on the steep cliffs dropping down to sea in Calabria, in the ancient Greek theatre of Taormina, in the colourful streets of Capri and through the Mediterranean maquis on the Sardinian beaches.

Every fragrance is 100% natural and it tells about a land shaped by sun and sea, provoking a variety of emotions.

Here, some of the seven perfumes. Bergamotto di Calabria, a strong and fresh fragrance in which the notes of bergamot are enhanced by cedar wood and red ginger. Ginepro di Sardegna, which is surely the most masculine and bold eau de toilette of the Blu Mediterraneo collection. In this spicy and vibrant fragrance, the aromatic heart of juniper, cypress and sage is combined with fresh accents of pepper and nutmeg. Arancia di Capri is fruity and reflects the essence of the “Blue Island”. Orange, mandarin, and lemon essential oils blends with the aroma of cardamon and musk. Cedro di Taormina, a fresh and contemporary fragrance in which head notes of citron, petit grain and basil blow up in a heart of black pepper and lavender to close with the sweet notes of vetiver.


Morph Parfum




Morph Parfum innovates and transforms the world of perfumery. It creates something unique among the fragrances for men, able to hold out against the temporary tendencies and trends.
This Eau de Parfum is the outcome of a careful research of the best natural essences and their compositions in order to enhance the endurance and the intensity on the skin of its unique odors.
There are six “shades” of Morph expressing a stylish, charming way of being. Each one has its roots in the best natural odors chosen all around the world. Each Morph Parfum describes stories, travels and unforgettable adventures.

Six different scents, six different meaning: Montmartre, with a bold aroma, Axum, fresh and citrusy, Malaga, with its floral-musky notes, Kolonaki, citrusy and woody, Arles, sharp and crisp and, last but not the least, Nudo, totally handmade, which is extract from coca leaves and frankincense.


Platinum by Eleventy 


eleventy profumo


Platinum has been a revolution in the way of thinking about fragrances, becoming the sensory signature of a discrete and pure elegance and a cult in a few years. Platinum is the result of a collaboration between a famous Japanese ‘nose’ and a historic Florentine company. This perfume completes the product range of a brand who is expression of a smart casual style that treasures the know-how of traditional Italian tailoring.  Like clothes, even Eleventy fragrance expresses a never snobbish elegance.

Thanks to its molecular composition without chemical essences, this perfume is personalised by whoever wears it, men but also women, since it acts at pheromonic level. Platinum is a fresh embrace made of natural essences. It tells stories of real lives, it shocks and rocks, it lets people impress, stand out from the crowd and enhance their own self-perception




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