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Our guide to Hogan universe

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They have the power to completely change every look by their presence. Our guide to Hogan universe

Citizens of the world. Hogan shoes are like that. You put them on in the morning and you wear them all day long. However, do not think of ordinary sneakers: they are casual shoes that have literally “saved” millions of women and men. Yes, because the brand of Tod’s group has made contemporary style combined with classic comfort its strength, becoming a cult brand with the release, in 1997, of Hogan Interactive. In fact, Hogan has coined the concept of “luxury as a way of life” resulting from a painstaking attention to detail and a constant quest for perfection.

Indeed, the mission is to offer a fashionable, well-rounded footwear that may be with people in daily life but also on special occasions, enabling them to walk well and always feel trendy. Thus all the iconic models of Hogan were born: Interactive, Olympia or Running R261. Three different lines of footwear with a common denominator: a luxury reinterpretation of the concept of sneakers.

But is Hogan’s success just an aesthetic issue? Or is there a lot more? And then, how well do Hogan Interactive shoes fit? How to spot an original Hogan from a fake? And how to clean it?

To answer these and many other questions, you just have to download our guide! Click here.


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