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Valle d’Itria is on Sky TV: the Trulli Tales adventures are coming!

trulli tales

Starting from 11 December, the cartoon Trulli Tales will be broadcasted in Europe, Africa and Middle East Sky channels. Get Disney Junior on Sky to enjoy the stories of enchanted reign at the feet of an ancient olive.


We’ve just felt that this is a magic time for our Valle d’Itria and its trulli. By the way, the fact that it could have been the enchanted location for a kids cartoon exceeded all expectations.

Just a few days ago we heard the news of Trulli Tales, a new carton on air on Disney Junior, Sky channel n.611. Young viewers will be moved in an enchanted place, where houses have cone-shaped roofs and trees are secular olives.  

ring_trulli_tales_03There is a magic and cooking school at Trulliland. The young guest stars – Ring, Sun, Zip and Stella– will enjoy secret recipes, special ingredients and cooking tools transforming in magic wands. Their mission is also to defend Trulliland against Copperpot and his evil plans, helped by Miss Frisella. They will realize that a drop of magic oil can wake up a talking book.  

In this way, Valle d’Itria will entry in the children’s homes of Europe, Africa and Middle East. 52 episodes (each one of 11 minutes) will make people discover that Trullolandia is real and is in Puglia, of course. This was also the mission of Congedo sisters -Maria Elena and Fiorella- born in Lecce and writers of the original children book by which the cartoon is inspired. “We want export the essence, beauty and simplicity of our Apulia in the world” as they report to Repubblica – the journal.

Now, we just have to tune to Disney Junior for enjoying the fantastic adventures of these little “Trullalleri”, discovering with them that a cooking recipe could be a recipe also for a life.



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