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Wedding in Puglia: my wedding day surrounded by ancient olive trees and old Masserias


Puglia has become the most popular destination for couples getting married. We asked Michele Zaurino, world-class flower designer, why many choose this land to fulfil their dream of love…

We love Love. Stubborn, resistant and conscious.  A kind of love that has nothing to do with fairy tales, but that is rooted in reality. A kind of love that goes straight to the essence of things, that affects the emotional electrocardiogram, that is not afraid of the fluttery feelings in the heart. A kind of love that makes you say, “Yes, I do”.

This love trembled the heart just as Puglia, the land where we live and work. Because those who come to Puglia often become part of it. Those who visit it on holiday, on business or just out of curiosity, end up loving it as if it belonged to them. In fact, it is so: Puglia belongs, Puglia gives itself. It is hard to come here and feel this land distant and stranger. Once in Puglia, people remains forever a bit “pugliese”, even after they’re gone.


And getting married in Puglia is a bit like marrying Puglia.

Imagine crispy air, a light breeze that gently caresses you. The taste of the salty spray of the sea. The smell of the must trough the vineyards. The scent of hay and red dirt walking on chianche warmed by the sun in a nineteenth-century masseria. Now imagine you are in the shade of an ancient olive tree or in a cone inside a trullo. Picture yourself enjoying the simple and essential beauty of prickly pears, carob trees and capers’ white flowers standing out in the whiteness of dry stone walls.




Don’t you feel the true and authentic flavour of a cuisine that is the result of traditions and recipes with a history spanning thousands of years? A back to basics, to real and genuine tastes, to local farm-to-table production. Imagine a laid table with homemade bread, local wine and oil, wild herbs: simple but high-quality foods to pamper your guests.

Getting married in Puglia means telling your own love story, in a completely exclusive, original and authentic way.  All enriched by the beauty of the Apulian nature, by the excellent local cuisine and by the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

Moreover, whether it is a civil or religious ceremony, whether it is in the courtyard of an ancient 16th century masseria or inside a small country church, what people like about marriages in Puglia is the chance to maintain a simple and exquisite beauty, using arrangements only to emphasize the surrounding nature.


We met Michele Zaurino, flower designer from Martina Franca become citizen of the world thanks to over 40 years of experience.  He designed floral arrangements for “luxury” weddings such as Laure Peugeot’s one or for movies like “The second wedding night” by Pupi Avati and “Point Break 2“. He lately hosted an Italian TV shows about wedding planning called “Matrimonio in corso” (Wedding in progress).

Given its successful career, we asked him why Puglia has become so popular among couples planning their wedding. 


“Puglia has now become a favourite location for elite weddings. The centuries-old olive trees, unique in the world, the light, the sun: these are the reasons why Puglia has become such a coveted destination for weddings. Puglia, thanks to its mild climate, ensures fabulous outdoor weddings and a direct contact with nature during the Big Day, an increasingly sought after point nowadays. In fact, recently, I have organized many “en plain air” weddings: by the sea, in a wood, on dirt floor surrounded by an olive grove”.

What would you recommend to couples who are planning their wedding? What are the reception trends for this 2018?

“In this last period I’ve decided to live in Technicolor. A choice that has influenced my work too. I imagine long tables in rough wood, ceramics, hand-painted earthenware, baroque glasses, vintage bottles and many colourful flowers. Swing music in the background while the sun is watching with a smile… A suggestive magic that only happens in Puglia…”.


And how can you, despite fashions and trends, still be “elegant”?

“Keeping the original purity of flowers. No lacquers, glues, beads and glitters. These things rather than being chic, inexorably drags into the abyss of cheap. Flowers, plants, aromatic herbs, combined according their naturalness and essentiality.”

However, what to wear on the day of the big day? For the bride, soft and light dresses, with a vintage allure; loosely gathered or loose hair embellished with fresh flowers; for him, tailored suits, completed by a waistcoat. If the wedding is in the evening, black is a Must. Off with excesses, only micro-pattern and lapel in satin are allowed.


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Credits by Cinzia Miccoli 


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